Designing for a local restaurant

Ojo Rojo is an independent Mexican street food inspired restaurant in Bournemouth.

I was approached by the owners of Ojo Rojo, to see if I wanted to  design and make a piece of tableware that would display and serve their signature Tacos.We discussed their requirements and I drew inspiration from their interior design concepts and ethos. I started by sketching out my ideas. Once I had got an idea that I liked, I set about making prototypes, mixing colours and glazes and testing, testing , testing!

I presented  my ideas to my clients. We discussed what worked and what didn’t. I made a few tweaks here and there and  we were all happy with the results. Once the piece was finalised I made several moulds  so that I could make multiple pieces in good time.

Following  the success of the taco  trays, I was asked to make some more pieces for their tableware range. This included copitas, which are small cups to serve their  mezcal, a main serving plate and a smaller serving plate.

This project had its highs and lows, and has taught me some interesting life lessons. Through hard work and perseverance I got the job done, and I am very pleased with my results.

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