Rec-Plate, large


This beautiful plate can be used as a main plate or as a serving platter. I also use it in conjunction with one of my medium or large sized thrown bowls. I have found this plate perfect for a table setting where space is limited.

It is handmade using a red stoneware clay, and is decorated using coloured slips. I use the slip in such a way, that a textured surface is achieved.  A clear glaze is applied making the plate suitable for food.

All pieces are made to order, and can take 3-6 weeks to make.

The beauty of handmade means that the surface decoration and size may vary slightly making each piece unique.

Average size: H:1.8cm     W:29.5cm  D:15cm

Materials: Red stoneware clay, lead free glazes

rec-plate top view on table,Stoneware,Slip and glaze,Weathered Range,SKnight
Rectangular dinner plate / serving plate. Turquoise and black.
rec-plate bottom on table
Underside left unglazed to show the natural beauty of the red clay.
rec-plate Lrg and Med, Stoneware,Slip and glaze,Weathered Range,SKnight
Large and medium plates. The colours are applied by hand, and the surface textures vary. that is the beauty of handmade.
Taco full set topview,Stoneware,Slip and glaze,Weathered Range,SKnight
Rectangular plate used in conjunction with the Taco plate, Beaker, Cruet set and Spoon.