These beautiful spoons are made from fruit wood, clay and copper wire.
They are intended for salt or sugar, but can be used for whatever you wish. they are a great addition to my Cruet set.
I recommend that they are not submerged in water for too long, a gentle wipe will suffice.

Size is Approximately:
Overall length:15cm – 25cm
Width of ceramic spoon: 2.5cm
Average length of ceramic spoon:5cm

spoons,ceramic spoon and wood,SKNIGHT
Salt / Sugar spoons. Fruit wood, ceramic and copper.
spoons,ceramic spoon and wood, no copper,SKNIGHT
Salt / Sugar spoons. Fruit wood and ceramic.
Cruet salt and Spoon,Stoneware,Slip and glaze,Weathered Range,SKnight
Spoon and salt bowl.
cruet set top view on table,Stoneware,Slip and glaze,Weathered Range,SKnight
Spoon being used with the Cruet Set.